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A stay at Marina di Ravenna allows to join the relaxation of beach life to the charm of a cultural holiday going to the discovery of wonderful places. Marina di Ravenna is in a privileged position to reach some of the most evocative surroundings destinations including Ravenna, Ferrara, Venice, Rimini and San Marino. Nearby there are also various points of interest to choose from to enjoy a day different from the usual.
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Marina di Ravenna enjoys a privileged location in the south of the canal harbour. Being the first seaside resort of the coast of Ravenna has grown its tourist vocation since the thirties, the period in which the tourist-hotel organization started to take place.
Marina di Ravenna today is among the most beautiful and popular destinations on the Adriatic Coast, thanks to a reception system that is well structured and to the myriad of opportunities for entertainment, leisure and relaxation proposed to its visitors. Nightclubs, bathing establishments with animation, playgrounds and services for every age, long avenues for walks, parks, play areas, great restaurants very appreciated for their fish dishes, according to a seafaring tradition that is still very much alive.

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The unique spectacle of a 3 km road in the midst of the sea. The view of the lighthouse, the immense golden beach and the lush pinewood surround it like a crown, up to the horizon.
Between the sea and the sky, calm or stormy, it is always a strong emotion that at night becomes real magic between stars, lights, water reflections and full moons. The dam is an integral part of our landscape, a favourite destination for fishing, jogging and walking lovers.

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International Yachting Club Marinara
Classified as international tourist harbour by the Emilia-Romagna Region, the port of Marinara has confirmed its vocation also thanks to the strategic location and shape, in addition to the excellent quality of the services offered.
Since 2000 Marinara became the fiduciary nautical base of ADAC, the German automobile-club with 13 million subscribers and a nautical section with 250,000 users.

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Ravenna preserves the richest patrimony of mosaics of humanity, recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO.
The Basilica of San Vitale, outstanding treasure of the Early Christian age, preserves the portrait of the Byzantine imperial court, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia hides a treasure trove full of infinite stars. Last but not least in importance, the Basilica of S. Apollinare in Class, the Mausoleum of Theodoric, and the tomb of Dante. The sinuous pattern of its streets still shows its past, when it was a lagoon with the presence of water in channels that have been closed during the Venetian domination at the end of the years '400.

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Every year Mirabilandia renews the range of incredible emotions available for everyone with attractions that are always more numerous and fun.
For adrenaline lovers iSpeed is the roller-coaster that leads the most daring in a race at great speed between vertical loops and dizzy descents. Since few years even war games fans can enjoy breath-taking challenges in the first Italian shooting dark ride, Reset.
There are plenty of opportunities for fun even for the youngest, many snack bars and green areas to take a break before the next ride.

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The Park of the Po Delta develops in as a wonderful natural scenery to the north of Ravenna. It is characterized by an area that is rich in naturalistic oasis and protected zones where many rare bird species find refuge and ideal conditions of life.
The original environment integrated with the country is made of sand dunes, sheets of sweet and salty water, in an alternation of secular woods, ancient pine forests, salt pans and valleys.
There are comfortable observation points with itineraries where it is easy to admire herons and flamingos, while the undergrowth vegetation is rich of hawthorn, butcher's broom and many other species that in spring colour the pinewood of white and yellow or red and orange in autumn. This is a paradise for lovers of nature, birdwatching and photography.

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For those who want to discover the surroundings of Marina di Ravenna the Abbey of Pomposa represents a destination of great historical and artistic interest as an example of the Middle Ages of the Po area. The main monuments that make up the so-called Complesso Pomposiano are the Basilica Santa Maria, the imposing bell tower 48 meters high and the monastery of which remain only the Chapter House decorated with beautiful frescoes, the refectory also known as "Sala delle Stilate" and the Palazzo della Ragione. To the north of the Church there is also the fence of the cemetery of the friars.

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